Removing Control Panel Applets

• Operating System = Windows 95, 98 and ME
• Annoyance level = High
• Damage Level = 0/5
The Objective
This little item comes in really handy when you change the mouse double click speed because the first place the user is going to go to fix the problem is the Control Panel right? Well, now we are going to remove the mouse applet (and other applets) from the control panel since most people won’t know where else to launch them from.

The Steps

• Click “Start”, then “Run”
• Type in “Control.ini”
• Towards the top, you should see a section header titled “[don’t load]”
• Under that section type in “Main.cpl=no”
• Save the control.ini file
• To see the changes that were made, you can either exit out of control panel and open it again or you can hit “F5” a few times to refresh it.
• NOTE: Adding “Main.cpl=no” to the control.ini also removes the Keyboard, Fonts, and Printers applet from the Control Panel.

If you want to remove only select items from the Control Panel, I have taken the liberty of listing them below and what line must be put in the “[don’t load]” section of the control.ini file. Enjoy.
Line In The Control.ini What Applet(s) Will Be Removed
Desk.cpl=no Display
Modem.cpl=no Modem
Mmsys.cpl=no Multimedia and Sounds
Netcpl.cpl=no Network
Main.cpl=no Keyboard, Mouse, Fonts, and Printers
Appwiz.cpl=no Add/Remove Programs
Sysdm.cpl=no Add New Hardware and System
Password.cpl=no Add/Remove Programs
Joy.cpl=no Game Controllers
Timedate.cpl=no Date/Time
Odbccp32.cpl=no ODBC Data Sources


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