The Desktop Wallpaper

• Operating System = All Windows Versions
• Annoyance level = Low
• Damage Level = 0/5
The Objective
The objective is to move or remove the desktop icons and replace the wallpaper with a screen cap of the desktop. This is the simplest trick in this article, but it will always confuse the newbie user, and even get the more advanced user for at least a minute or two.

The Steps

• Close all running applications so the entire Windows desktop is exposed.
• Press the “Print Screen” button to capture the screen to the clipboard.
• Open the MS Paint program and press Ctrl + V to paste the image.
• Save the picture of the desktop using .BMP extension into the Windows directory using whatever file name you choose.
• Set the computers background (wallpaper) to use the image that was just created.
• Once this has been completed, using your mouse, highlight all icons on the desktop at once.
• Drag them all off of the screen so they can not be seen by the next user.
There you have it, a desktop wallpaper that appears to have functional icons. Now sit close and watch them double click the “icons” for a while trying to figure why they aren’t working.

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