The Non-Existing Folder

• Operating System = Windows 95 and 98
• Annoyance level = High
• Damage Level = 0/5
The Objective
The objective is to create a folder on the Windows desktop that can not be opened, renamed, or deleted by the average Joe Schmoe. This is a great simple trick that just annoys the hell out of people. Here’s how it works:

The Steps

• Open up a DOS prompt and change to the C:\Windows\Desktop directory.
• The ASCII keystroke for a “space” can be done by holding down the “Alt” key and pressing “255” on the numeric keypad.
• In the DOS window, type in “MD YOU SUCK” without the quotes of course. But between the words “You” and “Suck” use the ASCII keystroke of [ALT+255] instead of using the spacebar.
• So what you are really typing is this: “MD[spacebar]YOU[ALT+255]SUCK”
• Got it?
• Now exit the DOS window, and you should see a folder on the desktop that looks like the one pictured to the right.


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