Facebook Timeline: Activate now!!

Once again Facebook is going to make another big change, this time its the layout of your profile page. Facebook has announced it as ‘Facebook timeline’, this will show timeline of all your activities, your posted stories, your pics from the date you joined Facebook at one place. So its kinda scrapbook of your entire facebook life!!

Go to the link below..To know more about Facebook timeline and Sign up..
Facebook timeline is not available for all at this time, it will take time if you subscribe by the above link, but if you are really eager to have timeline now, then you can get it now just by following some steps.

Facebook has already released timeline only for developers, so for getting timeline now you need to be a facebook app. developer(don’t worry- its very easy), just follow the steps below:

1. log into your facebook account, then open this link.. https://developers.facebook.com/apps
If have not already enabled developer’s mode then it will ask you to Allow Facebook developer’s mode. press Allow.

2. Now in opened page you will see ‘Create New Application’, click on that.
3. Now give any name to your application, unique namespace, agree to the Platform Privacy agreement and click on ‘continue’.
4. Now in opened page, you will find ‘open graph’ in left side, open it > click on ‘get started’
5. Now fill anything in text boxs given there and click on ‘get started’.

6. After finishing 5th step, a new page will be open. now just skip all this and jump to your facebook profile. there you will get a pop up notification, an invite to try Timeline > click on ‘Get it now’.

7. Now you can see the new timeline profile, set it up the way you like, and then click on ‘Publish Now’.

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