How to be invisible in facebook Chat

Well, Facebook does not provide any feature to be invisible in chat like in Orkut…

But still there is one way by that you can visible for someones and invisible for others…..
You can do chat with someone without knowing others that you are online….. 🙂
This is not a trick, its own feature of FB.But many one dont know about, thats why i m posting it here…..
Follow these steps:
Step 1: Open your FB chat window
Step 2: Now click on “friend lists” and Create a list, say ‘Best Friends’
Now in chat window it will show two groups….. one is ‘Best Friends’ and second is ‘other friends’
Step 3: Now you will see, a green color oval after both list, now just click on the oval in front of ‘other friends’ to be invisible for them.
Step 4: Now add your Friends in list ‘Best Friends’, for whom you want be visible. 🙂
For that when you hover your mouse over ‘Best Friends’, you will see a small edit button in front of it, then select friends, you want to add in this list.

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