Only 5 Characters are enough to Crash a System: Fork Bomb

A fork bomb for crashing system is a smallest writable virus as it contains on 5 Characters. Fork bombs count as wabbits: they typically do not spread as worms or viruses. 
The concept behind the fork bomb: the processes recursively fork until a denial of service or a crash occurs. Fork Bomb creates a large number of processes very quickly and break the limitation of processes that can run on a system. It’s dead simple: A program just replicate itself, which again replicate itself and so on until all resources are exhausted.

A fork bomb generally creates two instances at startup, further each of created processes creates two instances and so on…The processes recursively fork; this “forks” the processor and jamm it completely until a crash occurs. It use forks to do system crash, so its called Fork Bomb.

See, How to create it:

1. Fork Bomb for windows:
Write the following code in notepad and save it with bat extension say fork.bat


Once anyone will do double click on this bat file, his system will jamm.

2. Fork Bomb for linux/Unix:

:(){ :|:& };:

[Note: Be careful in using these scripts, i will not be responsible if you damage your system.]

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