Part 1:How to know Hacker Behind FREE MOBILE RECHARGE javascript on Orkut!!


Hello Friends,
These days on orkut you will find very frequently written these lines on many Orkut Profiles or in many communities Forum…. like: “FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 X_x”…”FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 100 X_” or something like this…
Many people who get trapped in this type of saying…. Their Cookies including username password etc. reach to the Hacker and he can hack them anytime !!!
But now its time to answer back those Hackers by doing report Abuse their profile and helping orkut to delete their profiles 🙂
Let’s Solve this Mystery of Recharge Trick step by step:
1. In many Community or profiles, you will found written something like this:
2. Now find a link Given on the post… with written that go to this link to recharge your mobile…. just go to that link…
3. Now you will get a page like this below, first read the steps carefully, to know what the people do, who get hacked!!! and don’t follow those steps, they will not give you any recharge code except Hack your orkut!!!
4. Now copy the given javascript, paste that in notepad…. and remove all ‘%22’ and ‘+’
5. After removing All ‘%22’ and ‘+’, you will get a link of the hacker’s site, where he has put the real code…..Just Open that site in new tab(Dont open in orkut profile), then you will find the complete code….
6. Now find the code mentioned in the image below….. there you will find the community link made by Hacker and forum where an automatic reply comes from the Hacked profiles!!! see how many people make fool every minute…..:(
7. Now check Owner of the Community and Report Abuse the community and the owner profile Both!!!!! 🙂

8. Also if you also have did this fool work ever, then just change your Password and security question immediately!!! Coz the hacker have your Cookies including username password etc., and he can hack you any time.


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