How to remove Autorun.inf Virus


There is a very simple process to remove autorun.inf virus file. Follow the method below…

1. open up a command prompt (i.e. cmd.exe) ; to load it go to Run, type cmd, enter.
2. Now see the Four code lines highlighted below… you have to use them all one by one.

e.g. for f: drive…

F: \
F: \attrib
F: \attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf
F: \del autorun.inf


  • First for entering into any drive
  • Second, for checking virus’s attributes.After pressing enter, you will see all files of that drive. Check for autorun.inf  file in them.
You should see something like:
    SHR    Autotun.inf        C:\Autorun.inf
  • third, for changing file’s  to attributes.  Usually this virus has attributes SHR(checked by second line) where S stands for system, H for hide,  R for read-only. So To clear an attribute we use  -  (the minus sign) with attrib.
  • fourth, for deleting virus file.

3. Repeat Second step for all drives of ur system.

If you want more tutorials for protecting your system from viruses, check out other posts under Category Antivirus and security Tips.

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