Check In How much time your Password can be Hacked

Hi Friends,

To keep secure our web accounts we always do talk about Putting Strong Passwords, But how you would know that your password is strong or not??

What are Strong Passwords
Normally we say strong password to those passwords which satisfy the following points:- 

  • Contains Letters(upper and lower case both), Numbers and Symbols.
  • Also your password should not be a common Password. like 123456, password, iloveyou etc
  • According to Microsoft an ideal strong password must contain at least 14 characters. But there are many words in dictionary also which contains no. of letters greater than 14. you should not keep those words as ur password.

But Question Arises:
What is the need of a strong password, How a weak password can be hacked easily??
Though there are many ways to hack passwords but hacking ‘weak’ passwords is  done usually by Brute Force Method. In hacking Terms this Method is called Dictionary Attack. In Dictionary Attack using Brute Force Algorithm, A software checks all the existing words of dictionary to find the correct password.

Check how much time your password will take to hack using Brute Force
On web i found a site, where it check the that how secure is  your password. It do some simple mathematical calculations to find out time to generate any particular password using brute force.
If you have a strong password, then the time will be probably in Years but for week password it will be only some seconds, hours or some days!!!

So check your password now 🙂

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