How To Get Back Old Gmail Look?

In recent days Google has been updating the appearance of Gmail, AdsenseAnalyticsBlogger…, etc. Users can switch to new user Interface and checkout he cool new features added in it :) . Some like the recent changes in Google and their new interface appearance and some don’t like new interface. They prefer the old appearance which is easier for them to navigate :) . Personally I too don’t like Googles new appearance. But we need to adopt to new changes to go along with their wonderful service they provide to us ;) .

How to revert back to Gmail older look?

If you don’t like new Gmail design, you can switch back to Gmail Older version temporarily by following below steps,

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the Gear icon at the far right in the mail-navigation menu.
  • A pop-out menu will appear.
  • Click “Revert to the old look temporarily”.
  • You’ll be redirected to the older version of Gmail.
  • That’s it, you’ve reverted back Gmail older look temporarily.
Do you like Gmail new Look or old look? ???

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