Define names and use them in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel allows any cell to to have a defined name, which makes creating and pointing to that cell a lot easier. For example, in a traditional formula you may subtract the value in cell A1 from B1 by using the formula =sum(A1-B1) in cell C1. However refrencing these cells and using them in a formula could be made easier by defining the name of cells C1 and B1. For example, cell A1 could be named “total” and cell B1 could be named “tax”, which means the same formula in C1 could be =sum(total-tax) to get the total.

To create a defined name for any cell right click the cell and choose Define Name, once clicked a New Name window, like the one shown below should appear. Fill out the name you want to use and click Ok.

Microsoft Excel defined name cell

By defining a name of a cell in your spreadsheet you will increase your overall productivity since it’s a lot easier to remember a name you have defined instead of a cell reference.



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