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Part 2: FREE MOBILE RECHARGE Javascript to hack Orkut Profiles!!!

Part 2: FREE MOBILE RECHARGE Javascript to hack Orkut Profiles!!!


Hello Friends,

Before some days i was wondering that How a small java script hacks a complete Orkut profile….. But finally i come to know, that its not the javascript, that Hack a Orkut profile, but it something different……

2-3 days, i  studied the code about that i have told you in my last post FREE MOBILE RECHARGE RS 500 X_x…. A Javascript to hack Orkut Profiles!!!….  through which we can reach the Hacker’s Orkut community and his profile…..

But didnt get anything, that cause to hack the username and password of any Orkut profile….
then yesterday i directly ask about it to a Hacker, whom profile i have traced  by the given way in my last post…..
Then he gave me a hacked profile by him, and said me to run that javascript in that profile…
I did the same, and got the complete story….. that what excatly made a person Hacked!!!!1

Watch this…..

hmmm…. Understand now??? Actually what hacking method is used is PHISHING PAGE!!!!!!
read this also….How to hack any mail account by phishing attack: step by step Guide

So What Happened Exactly by running that Free recharge Javascript:
…..It just make some changes in Orkut profile…. like

  • Change About me, and gives URL of the recharge javascript, so that others can also trap into this.
  • send scraps to your friends… saying about this FREE MOBILE RECHARGE Trick
  • Leave comments on your friends Photos….saying about the same FREE MOBILE RECHARGE Trick
  • start a new forum in your communities…. saying about i think now u know 😉
  • Add some communities made by Hacker. and leave reply there in a forum… so that hacker can know that You has used this Javascript… get HAKCED!!!! 😉
Hope you understand Every thing now 🙂
Now you can also make your own FREE MOBILE RECHARGE Javascript…..
Do you know How???
Note: I am telling it only for educational purpose only.Don’t misuse this information. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.
  • Just copy that code…. which we have founded by tracing URL given in javascript…. read my last post to know how to get that code
  • Make changes in that code, like….change the link URL of javascript….. change the Url of Phishing page where it will redirect….
  • Upload it to any free hosting site…..
  • now make a static page that will give the javascript
  • and yes…its done!!!!

I will explain it in detail in my next post…. you can subscribe my site to get free updates by mail/ Sms… for that check these links: