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Tips to Improve Email Privacy

Many websites ask for your email address when you shop online, download a free software etc. But do you know that this has a chance of affecting your email privacy through Spam emails?

Though most websites don’t use spamming as an email marketing strategy, there are a few that use junk emails that don’t care about anti-Spam laws. Here are some tips to maintain your email privacy from such threats.

Before submitting your email address you need to check the reputation of the company. Reputed websites would normally follow the right email practices to ensure your email privacy. Such companies will never want to loose their hard earned reputation by getting blammed for spamming.

See whether the websites provides email privacy statements. You need to go through these statement in detail, and know about the kind of emails that will be sent to you, how often etc. Based on this you can decide on whether you need such emails. You don’t want to give your email address to some fraud company that is thinking about handing over your email address to hundreds of other websites.

Finally, check whether the website really respects your privacy. Often you will find some text like “I agree to receive email” that comes with a check box. You can agree to receive emails by checking the check box. If the check box is already checked, it is just a good indication that the website doesn’t respect your privacy. So watch out!