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Proxy Servers and Anonymizers

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Proxy is a network computer that can serve as an intermediate for connection with other computers. They are usually used for the following purposes:



  • As firewall, a proxy protects the local network from outside access.
  • As IP-addresses multiplexer, a proxy allows to connect a number of computers to Internet when having only one IP-address.
  • Proxy servers can be used (to some extent) to anonymize web surfing.
  • Specialized proxy servers can filter out unwanted content, such as ads or ‘unsuitable’ material.
  • Proxy servers can afford some protection against hacking attacks.


  • Anonymizers are services that help make your own web surfing anonymous.
  • The first anonymizer developed was, created in 1997 by Lance Cottrell.
  • An anonymizer removes all the identifying information from a user’s computers while the user surfs the Internet, thereby ensuring the privacy of the user.